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Welcome to television – Uncle Norman’s big entrance

Uncle Norman (Norman Swain) was a legendary Melbourne radio figure in the 50’s, particularly with the kids.

His move into television to host The Tarax Show came with much fanfare and expectation. We all tuned in with great excitement as the opening credits rolled.

And what an entrance, a big drum roll , cymbals clashed, wild applause, then down a giant slide came Uncle Norman – the kids went crazy.

Uncle Norman hit the ground, clutched his knee and yelled,” I’ve broken my leg.”

Uncle Norman & Joffa Boy

Well we all laughed til our sides hurt.  “How funny is Uncle Norman always with the gags.” Joffa Boy (comedian Joff Ellen)even improvised a clever ditty about “Uncle Norman’ s broken leg.”

After a full minute writhing around on the studio floor it became obvious, this was no joke – Uncle Norman had, in fact, broken his leg.

He was rushed off to hospital and we didn’t see him again for ages.

Needless to say his return to The Tarax Show,  minus the slide, was far lower key.