Internet – the final frontier – These are the ramblings of a longtime journo.

Graeme Goodings

His mission? to go where he has never gone before – The planet Blog.

I’m often asked how long does it take you to prepare to read the news on television each night. 30 years is my answer. Anyone can read an autocue but if it’s really easy everyone would be doing it. Next time a job comes up for a news anchor give it a go.

Getting cancer in 2004 was rude interruption, for a time my life radically changed course and I spent the next 4 years making a DVD,Cancer- What Now? about dealing with cancer.

It’s helping a lot of people so me getting cancer served a purpose.

I’ve always had  passion about the electronic media and even better, they pay me. A lifetime in radio and TV has left me with a million wonderful memories. Not that I can always remember them all. But when I do I’ll tell the tales here along with anything else that comes to mind.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Graeme,I am trying to obtain some footage of TNT9’s first birthday concert held in the studio may1963.I performed in that concert but am unable to find any footage
    Regards Mike Middlecoat

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