You Called Him What?? – Be careful what you name your children

What were they thinking?  Mr and Mrs. Hunt when they named their child  Michael knowing all too well he’d be called Mike.*

Mr and Mrs Orff when the called their son Hans*, and how could the Jarses have named their boy Hugh?

A talented American swimmer had a tough enough start in life with the surname Hyman but her folks had to christen her Misty.  Then there was  jazz musician Dick Hyman but I don’t know if they were connected.Unknown-1

There are names than on their own are one thing but when aligned to a job take on added fascination.

Dr. Finger who headed up the Adelaide  VD clinic.

Patricia Feral an animal rights activist in Stamford, Connecticut.

Kevin Kidney the butcher

Sid Foots the boot maker

Rodney Supple the chiropractor

Dr.Slaughter  GP

Dr. Death GP (not surprisingly he pronounced it Deeth)

Sue Yoo the Lawyer – that would inspire confidence

U.S Treasury spokesman David Dollar

Justin Payne – dentist.  Ouch!!

The head of fisheries in Tasmania at one time was Barry Mundy, not so strange on the scale of things.

There’s no hiding place – even in literature, The British Journal of Urology written by J. W. Splatt and D. Weedon. – that’s hands on experience.

And who knew in the Buck family that they’re young son would grow up to be a Pastor.

Cardinal Sin

If that wasn’t difficult enough, how about Chris Moss who gave up dreams of the priest hood.  Couldn’t handle being Father Chris Moss.

Still on a clerical bent, Jamie Sin rose through the ranks to be the head of the Catholic church in the Philippines, to become Cardinal Sin.

Who could forget U.S. politician Anthony Weiner. If his name wasn’t awkward enough he put it in lights after being caught sexting images of his “weiner” via cell phone.

Still on a political bent let’s not forget those Republicans  in the U.S. trying to delay legislation against global warming named Doolittle and DeLay.

I’m not even going to talk about gynaecologist Richard D. Stiff MD.

And they say “It’s only a name.”

If you can add to this collection all contributions gratefully received.

*Mike Hunt was a wrestling referee in Australia. * Hans Orff was head of the Australian Submarine Corporation.

New Scientist magazine coined the terms “nominative determinism” or “aptonyms” to describe the phenomenon of people whose names reflect their jobs – or rather, who end up working in areas that reflect their names (hence the “determinism”!).


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