Bloody Millennials!

It’s just not fair!

As  baby boomers we have sailed through life as the biggest, most innovative most adventurous demographic on the planet.

Created out of the remnants of WW2,  we grew like a tsunami carrying all before us, changing the way children were brought up, taking the music culture from our parents and  creating our own. Living through musics’ most brilliant period (the Sixties) and no, I don’t remember it.


In the 70’s Australian baby boomers became the nation’s social conscience  – universities were the hotbeds of protest against a whole range of issues including the Vietnam War.

The conservative Liberal National Coalition government was thrown out in favour of Gough ‘It’s Time’ Whitlam’s social reform Labor government.  Whitlam read the mood and the baby boomers voted out the conservatives for the first time in 23 years

Labor might have been in power but it was the Baby Boomers who  ruled.

The dismissal saw the end of the Whitlam years and for many Boomers the end of their radical phase.

It was time for families and time to become financially secure. Through weight of numbers  Boomers continued to make the rules and set the trends.

Midlife saw the Boomers consolidate and continue to innovate.

Even as we entered  our twilight years we changed the rules, 60 became the new 50, 70 the new 60.  Retirement didn’t mean ‘let’s head to the old folks home’ but let’s fire up the 4WD, hook up the caravan, wax the surfboard and head off into the wild blue yonder.

The gray nomads were born.

We could be content believing that until the end of our days Boomers would rule.

But wait, news just in, Baby Boomers are no longer the biggest demographic – that title has now passed on the the millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000.

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce within 10 years. Millennials are already making an impact through social media and the way they do business online changing the rules for all of us.

The don’t even watch TV, binge  watching  series online or through Netflix.

Net what?

Boomers grip on the  planet is growing weaker by the day.

It’s not fair.  I aways have enjoyed the power of being a Boomer, flexing our collective muscle as we carved our way through the second half of the last century and the first decade of this one.

But now the glory days are over, my kids look at me like a back number, the term Boomer just invokes a shrug and a rye smile.

At least I have my memories (but not of the sixties because I was there).



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