So many tarts – so little time

Look this quest to find Adelaide’s best fruit mince pie is all well and good but 1 and a half kilograms later I am starting to have second thoughts.

Now I’ve done my sums. So far I’ve consumed about 20 mince tarts weighing in at about 60 grams each for  a total of 1200 grams (1.2 kilograms).

Fruit Mince Tarts

Fruit Mince Tarts

At this rate, by Christmas, at the current consumption level  I’ll have consumed 50 mince pies = 3000 grams or 3 kilos.

Now despite all my running around to get the bloody tarts I’ve burned off not a single calorie. Every tart has gone straight to my already corpulent waistline.

Note: I’m not taking into account any other food or drink I consume during this period.

Now something’s got to give.  I’ve even thought of getting back on the treadmill to burn off the kilos. (Maybe after Christmas).

So now the big decision – fruit mince pies, Christmas drinks, evening snacks or regular meals – SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE.

I’m running out of holes on my belt.

So many tarts – so little time.


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