Wakeup Adelaide, Before It’s Too Late

Can some one tell me what the revamped Victoria Square is really for?

The highly successful Royal Croquet Club drew tens of thousands to a usually sparely populated part of the city.

It drew The Fringe into Adelaide’s heart. It became a pulsating centre of entertainment and fun complimenting other aspects of the Fringe.

Now the Adelaide doomsayers are at it again wanting the RCC drastically curtailed or moved to a new location.

The same people who say why not have it at the Showgrounds miss the point, just as those who say move the Clipsal out of the parklands do.

The appeal of these events is that they are in the city and close to transport and restaurants, theatre and other attractions.

Look at what moving AFL to the new Adelaide Oval has done for the city.Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.10.55 am

At a time when Adelaide and South Australia need an economic shot in the arm, the naysayers are at it again.

Wakeup. We have record unemployment, destined to get worse before it gets better, and we keep placing impediments in the way of those who want to create employment (albeit short term) and bring tourists and their money to our state.

There are plenty of developers and entrepreneurs wanting to invest. We just have to create the right environment for them.

Adelaide has so much going for it, and they way we embrace events like the Festival of Arts, the Fringe, Clipsal, Tour Down Under and now AFL.

However, we are treading a dangerous line if we don’t welcome positive change even if it does put us out a bit.

Other cities will eye off our hugely successful events and poach them. That’s the way of the world.

Wakeup Adelaide, before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “Wakeup Adelaide, Before It’s Too Late

  1. matt C

    you’re absolutely right as usual…….and I can’t help but think that perhaps we’re a little too apathetic when it comes to standing up for what we want to be right?

    We have an Adelaide City Council full of Anne Moran-ites, yet election after election – they are all still there!

    …..and the AHA and their mates complaining about the effect on Bricks and Mortar establishments perhaps need to internalise a little more.

    If anyone on the ACC would care to look beyond the RCC, they’d find that Skipper, Duckworth and Co do in fact have bricks and mortars establishments that are constantly evolving, and drawing big crowds as a result.

    Complaining for the sake of complaining – little wonder there’s 3000 people a month moving to Queensland!


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