As the Sun sets slowly in the west…time to break out the digital camera

West Lakes, Adelaide South Australia

West Lakes, Adelaide South Australia – Camera Olympus OMD-5

Digital cameras – the greatest invention for people like me who are not good photographers and do not have a creative bone in their body.

Many’s the time I’d excitedly pick up the 36 snaps from the Chemist only to find half were out of focus while most of the others were poorly framed or just uninteresting.  All that money gone to Kodak or Fuji for little or no return.

Then Eureka! the birth of the digital camera.  Now I could take literally hundreds of shots, check them in the camera and take another version if the first was no good. At the end of the day you just transfer them to computer, erase the SD disk and start again.

Over recent years I’ve fallen in love with sunsets, well, I’ve always loved them but now I love taking pictures of them. It’s hard to take a bad sunset photo, pretty much just point and shoot.

West Lakes Sunset May 2015

West Lakes Sunset May 2015

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’ve captured a great sunset.

  • Firstly take your camera off automatic as it will expose for the bright sun leaving the sky a pale imitation of what you are really seeing.
  • Reduce exposure to compensate for the sun to f16.
  • select a low ISO, 100 should do it.
  • Set white balance to daylight or cloudy depending on the conditions
  • Lens is a matter of taste – wide -angle will capture a large sky but the sun will look very small. Zoom in and you’ll have a bigger sun and possibly more intense colour.
  • Wait around.  Sometimes, when you think the best of the sunset is gone you get a second “wave” about 30 minutes later with more subdued by no less spectacular colours.
  • Experiment.  No two sunsets are alike, take many shots as the early evening sky is ever changing.

These are just basics tips, you can go online and get far more detailed advice about taking sunset pictures.

Here are three sites I recommend to help you take better photos;,2817,2399400,00.asp

The best thing is to just get out there and do it.

I have done no “Photoshopping” on my sunsets,  What you see is straight out of the camera.

Jetty Sunset

Jetty Sunset

See you at Sunset, and don’t forget your camera.

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