World Cup Socceroos, AFL, NRL – It’s All Football To Me

So proud of the Socceroos. Australia may be seen as a minnow contesting the World Cup, but more than 200 countries fought for the right to be one of the final 32 teams.

Just making the finals in Brazil. is a grand achievement, what they achieved against Chile, then The Netherlands is the stuff of dreams.

I have been brought up on Aussie rules, that has been my football – soccer is a late comer on the scene for many of the boomer generation who were born in Australia.

As a sport lover I have come to love watching soccer at the highest levels, but the indigenous game will always be my first love.

Which gets me to my bone of contention. In recent years it seems it’s become politically incorrect to call our game “football.” We are told that belongs to the “beautiful” game, the oval ball game has been deemed Aussie Rules.

Any time I speak publicly of my love of football, AFL style, I’m corrected, “It’s Aussie Rules.” Anytime I speak about the marvellous feats of our soccer players, I’m chastened, “It’s football.”

Well sorry, the Aussie game will always be football to me, just as Rugby League and Union followers see their game as football.

Why do lovers of the round ball game feel so strongly about steamrolling other brands of football? Yes, more people the world over follow and play soccer, but how does that give them the right to hijack the name of our game?

We can all co-exist. You love your football I love mine. Or, we can love them all.

PS So why are they called “The Socceroos?”


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