How To Get A Free Copy Of Cancer – What Now?

Nine Years Cancer Free – I’m one of the lucky ones

November 2004 was the darkest period of my life. To be diagnosed with cancer – colorectal, stage 3 bowel cancer was a life-changing, life threatening episode no-one would wish on their worst enemy.

Despite the bleak days that ran into weeks then months I came through bloodied but unbowed.

My doctors, nurses, other health care specialists, my family, my wife – especially my wife, lead me through a long, dark and at times terrifying tunnel to the light at the other end.

Cancer – What Now? DVD – 10 copies to give away

Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for being given a second chance.  It’s both sobering and humbling to think of those who have contracted cancer who have not been so lucky.

I try to give back – I regularly give talks to cancer support groups and organisations who want to hear my story.

I’m an ambassador for Cancer CouncilSAin all its wonderful work.

I made a DVD Cancer – What Now? with Cancer CouncilSAto help people dealing with cancer to give them back some control of their lives. But whatever I do somehow it never seems to be enough.

Three years ago I wrote an article on 6 Years Cancer Free – the sentiments are just as pertinent today, perhaps more so.

On the 9th anniversary  I want to give away copies of Cancer – What Now? so for the first 10 people to reply on Facebook or My blog The Good Innings I will give you a copy and send it to you post and handling free.

Nobody really wants a DVD dealing with cancer because if you do, it means you, or someone close to you is having to deal with the hideous disease.

If you have the need for Cancer – What Nowjust leave a reply below and be among the first ten for a complementary copy.


51 thoughts on “How To Get A Free Copy Of Cancer – What Now?

  1. Heidi Rademacher

    Hello Graeme,
    I would love a copy for my future mother in law who was treated for bowel cancer 6 months ago. She suffers from anxiety, which worsens when she is about to attend a ”check up”. I beleive she would benefit from hearing your dvd.

  2. sonya engelsma

    Hi Graeme, my family has had their fair share of cancer, my Oma having 3 types of cancer, she has now passed away, but lived to a good age of 89! My dad has had prostate cancer, and friends have also suffered from cancer. I work in a nursing home, so i see all sorts of things related…. Thanks for listening 🙂

    1. sonya engelsma

      I also forgot to mention my Opa passed away from liver cancer when I was a baby, he was a painter so i think the led in the paint back then contributed.

      1. wellmaxx Post author

        Hi Sonya, So many families are affected by cancer but it’s no longer the death sentence it once was with better early detection and treatment. The important thing is if you get cancer is to maintain a positive attitude and and change your lifestyle to help your body recover. Graeme G

  3. Maria Reinertsen

    Hi There Graeme,
    I would love a copy of your dvd, Cancer-What Now?
    My uncle passed away from bowel cancer in 1994, we still miss him terribly to this day. I wish he knew the signs of it so he could have gone to his GP sooner. My hubby and I are 40yrs old, are we too young to have bowel cancer testing? Should I contact the Cancer Council for this info? Thank you, Im so happy you are going well and have watched you on the news for years!!!! 🙂
    Maria Reinertsen

    1. wellmaxx Post author

      Hi Maria, Thank you for your thoughts.
      40 is about the right age for a man to have a test, usually a little older for a woman but check with your GP or the Cancer Council Helpline. Just send me an email with your postal details to and I will send you a copy of Cancer – What Now? Graeme G

  4. Barbara Wodecki

    Is it too late to get a copy ? I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in May 2012. (at 49). I am happy to hear you are doing well 9 years down the track! I have had several big ops and I finished chemo Nov 2012.

  5. ozgamersonlineIan Taylor

    Hi Graeme

    I’m not sure if it’s too late to grab a copy of your DVD? I have a sister that had chemo for breast cancer a while back and was given the all clear, and then gave us a scare when she had to go back for more test due to more lumps being found. Thankfully it was all clear still and nothing to worry about. My father went through bowel cancer and after having a section bowel removed he was also given the all clear. Sadly he passed away a short few years back due to a non-cancer related illness. I’m at the age where I really need to start thinking about the possibility of prostate or bowel and I feel that your DVD would be a good way to start to learn more about this horrible disease. Thank you for sharing your story with us all, you are a Godsend!

  6. Christina Morrell

    So happy to hear you are in remission, our family have followed you in the media for many years. Hi Hi Graeme, Just about everyone we know sadly knows someone who is or has been affected by cancer. I’d love a copy of your DVD so I can pass it on to someone special, to give them hope. So happy to hear you are doing so well.

  7. Beverley Spriggs

    It is wonderful that you are cancer free for 9 years Graeme. I had thyroid cancer and am now in my 13th year cancer free, so I do know what you mean you are one of the lucky ones. I remember when you first came back to work how shocked I was at how thin you had become, but now you look very healthy. My husband had 1/3rd of his bowel removed 4 years ago, but unfortunately he is one the many who is suffering and is now in early stages of palliative care. If you choose to gift me a dvd I would like it to go to the cancer centre here in Whyalla. Keep up the good work and stay healthy. Regards Bev

  8. Karryn Harrison

    Graeme congratulations.
    I Would love a copy of your DVD to pass onto my friend whom has been diagnosed with Liver cancer, I’m hoping your story will be inspiring for her not to give up…
    Karryn Harrison
    497 Beaudesert Road,
    Moorooka. 4105 QLD

  9. Rob McCarthy

    Hi Graeme, I would love a copy of your DVD, and I’m really happy that you are cancer free, your a real inspiration to many who have cancer, and it’s good to see you back on TV reading the news again ….. With Kind regards ……… Rob

  10. Rex Garnaut

    Hi Graeme. Would love a copy to send to my brother inlaw in NSW who has just found out he has stage 3 cancer in his bowel. We hope they have caught it early. He is strong and we will all be around him.
    Love your work
    Rex Garnaut

  11. Dave Birkett

    Graeme, You are indeed a legend! I am based in Eastern Europe now, but I do have good memories of your caring actions in Adelaide, South Australia. some people never realise that the secret of life is what you can do for others. You have certainly have embraced it and understand it! ………Well done Graeme, and keep up the good work for your fellow humans. Kindest regards Dave Birkett (currently Czech Republic Eastern Europe)

  12. wellmaxx Post author

    Hi Dave, thank you so much for your very generous comments. I think being called a legend just means your getting old. Whatever, I appreciate what you’ve said. I hope your enjoying the Czech Republic

  13. Nathan Harrison

    Hi Graeme,

    We would love a copy of the DVD. My sister went into hospital for checks to find out she has cancer in the bowl. She’s had the small and large intestine (part of it) removed.
    The doctors are now wanting her to do chemotherapy and we are very cautious of this procedure. Any guidance would be appreciated.


    Nathan Harrison

  14. Jamieanne Albrecht

    I’ve list too many family and friends to cancer…something I hope I never have to deal with. As this dvd is from a lived experience the perspective will give a practical tangible way of better understanding the ‘what now’ when a diagnosis is given ~ to keep one moving forward. …

  15. Sally Cox

    Hi Graeme,
    I would love a copy if there are any left. Glad you are doing well you’re an inspiration which we all need.

  16. dolphindeb56

    Hi! Would love a copy if this as my best friend in the world just had operation after 3 months of chemo yesterday. . They say everything went well.. so blessed to have her in my life. . This sounds excellent gift for her & I know she has always liked you on tele as have I.. cheersDebbie

  17. John Humphries

    Hi I would love copy please I lost my wife ,she was only 32 now a friend of mine is battling it it would be a great gift for him cheers JH

  18. cathy

    Have I made it to the first 100 for the DVD I want to give it to my brother in law he has been diagnosed with bowel cancer

  19. Penny Millman

    My Dad has Renal cancer and working through his treatment, 6 months on and going well so the book would give him some positive encouragement for the future.

  20. Angela Bray

    I have a friend who recently had a colon resection and is now facing chemotherapy following discovery of cancer in lymph nodes. I’m sure your words will help in her journey xxc

  21. Graham Bennett

    Hi Graeme Goodings, I have been a watcher of 7News for years and is sad you had been let go and wondered what was the reason? I am looking forward a copy of the dvd. My doctor has just requested I see a specialist for a checkup since I received a suspect possible bowel cancer positive result. It seems it does pay to have a regular test. Kind regards, Graham Bennett


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