The Barossa Valley – So Much More Than A Great Wine Region

Just back from a whirlwind trip to The Barossa Valley.  My wife Eve and I crammed in so much in 30 hours it was quite remarkable.


Grape vines at Rowland Flat in the Barossa Valley

There must be some law that states that the closer you live to an iconic region the less significance you give it.

We often rave about Cairns and the tropical far north and how spectacular it is, Tasmania and its wall-wall beauty and charm.  The excitement and vitality of New York and many other wonderful place around the planet that have captured us one way or another.

But right on our doorstep, not much more than an hour away, is  The Barossa, one of the great wine regions of the World, and one of the best places to spend some time, tasting the wines and sampling some of the finest food in a growing number of the best restaurants in the Nation.

I’m not about to name them, that would be unfair to the other highly acclaimed eateries that we’re yet to try.

The accommodation is first rate and for every budget. Then what caps it all off, the people of the Barossa, warm and friendly souls living on a patch of heaven. They definitely know the meaning of hospitality.

I recommend a trip to the Barossa – you won’t regret it.

It’s often said you only appreciate your own city or town when your showing visitors around. Familiarity can breed contempt.  Likewise a popular tourist destination on your doorstep is often seen as a place to avoid. However, in so doing you can be missing out on some wonderful times.

A holiday doesn’t  have to be interstate or overseas – next time check out your own backyard.


2 thoughts on “The Barossa Valley – So Much More Than A Great Wine Region

  1. Catherine

    I agree!!! Often we totally overlook the stunning beauty, history, architecture etc. that’s in our own back yards. Thanks for the wakeup call Graeme.


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