Be a Lifesaver & Not Get Wet

I gave blood today.

No big deal, thousands of Australians are regular blood donors.  If people realised how simple and relatively painless it is maybe thousands more would donate.

Australians by nature are very generous when it comes to handing over money to help out a worthy cause.

However, handing over part of your very-self causes many to respectfully decline.

If you’ve never given blood seriously consider it. Unknown

The people who staff blood banks are highly trained and very personable.  There is always an air of positivity (no bloodtype joke intended) It doesn’t feel like visiting a hospital or medical surgery.  Every visitor is fit and able bodied and more than happy to help those who aren’t.

Every week more than 27,000 donations of blood are needed.

At the moment about half a million Australians regularly give blood. Out of almost 23 million Australians that figure seems dangerously low.

Not everyone can give blood for a variety of reasons and there’s no shame in that, but if you’re fit, healthy and have a little time to spare every few months, consider becoming a donor.

And don’t worry, your body quickly make up the amount of blood that was taken.

“Other than helping others there are very real benefits in being a blood donor.”

  1. When you regularly donate the amount of iron in the blood can be more stable. This means reducing the risk of heart disease.

2.  Donating promotes the growth of red blood cells.3.

3.  I like this one – It helps you lose weight.  Giving blood burns off 650 calories.

4.  Donating something that is priceless to those in need will make you feel special

5.  A free health screening – Every time you give blood it undergoes examination to detect serious disease.

The bottom line is every time you give blood you could be saving three lives.

 In a world of the ever-shrinking dollar where a cash donation is getting tougher it’s a good feeling to be able to give something that’s priceless.

Check out the Red Cross blood service website

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