Why I Love Australia – Some Observations On Australia Day.

 Aussie mateship. The people – friendly, rarely take themselves too seriously, but there when you need them.

The country – God’s Own –  whatever you want – city living, big block in suburbia, dress circle leafy suburbs, hills living within commuting distance of major cities.   Regional centres, virgin coastline.  The outback.  It’s all here.

 An egalitarian society. We don’t care where you came from but we do care where you’re going and most of us are ready to lend a hand.

 In times of adversity, bushfires, floods, Aussies are overwhelmingly generous.  State boundaries are forgotten, just helping mates.

 Success is there for those who are prepared to work for it.

 The weather – even the depths of winter in the southern States is almost balmy compared to many countries. From the Tropics to the temperate zone, it’s all good.

 The food.  Travel anywhere in the world and you’ll realise we are spoilt. Our fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood are without equal. It’s fresh and it’s plentiful.

 The sport – it’s Aussie Rules for me, but Australians are passionate about every conceivable sport.

 Most importantly our  freedom of speech .  Freedom to say what we think without fear of persecution. (Watch this space as Politically correct Nazis are on the march).

 Just a few random thoughts on Australia Day.  If you agree or disagree please share your love of Australia.


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