Who Stole Adelaide?

My wife Eve and I had a delightful dinner at Windy Point Restaurant taking in the sweeping panorama of Adelaide.

It’s a breathtaking sight as your eyes drift from the Adelaide Hills across the Plain to the CBD and then across the western suburbs to  Gulf St. Vincent.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Daylight saving meant a 7 o’clock start gave us plenty of sunlit hours to take in the view.

Then the piéce de resistance – the night skyline – the famous  “twinkling lights” of Adelaide, but as I cast my eye across the skyline something was missing!

Where was the CBD?

With a  degree of difficulty I finally spotted the red glow of the logo on the  Westpac  tower.

Adelaide by night from Windy Point - where is the CBD?

Adelaide by night from Windy Point – where is the CBD?

But where were the city lights?  The bright lights of Adelaide are in the suburbs, not the city.

Is Adelaide the only capital that doesn’t light up its’ city buildings?

If our city fathers want the CBD to be reinvigorated and draw people back to the city square mile then please “leave the lights on.”

I don’t want to hear from the conservationists saying “but we’re conserving energy.”   What we are saving in the large scheme of things would be like returning a grain of sand to the beach to prevent erosion.

Then why is Adelaide the only city left in the dark?


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