5AA – Where News Makes Conversation

I have just completed another stint on morning radio at 5AA. It truly is the best way to feel the heartbeat of the city.

Key points I noted:

  • Politicians can’t get away with what they once did.
  • Spin is dead. The pollies might still try it on but the masses are awake to it.Unknown-2
  • Families Minister Jennifer Macklin’s insensitive comment that she could live on the dole set in stone the politicians’ golden rule.  Never give a definitive Yes or No answer.
  • Even in tough economic times people have an underlying confidence in Australia to come through any crisis.
  • The “she’ll be right” Aussie mentality lives on, and that’s a good thing, but people at large know we have to be ever-vigilant to keep our leaders focused on running the country.
  • Politicians of all persuasions still seem more intent on scoring off their opponents than scoring for the good of the country.
  • Our leaders underestimate the electorate at their peril.
  • Australians can be very generous, particularly in time of adversity, bushfires, floods and other natural disasters.
  • The U.S. influence on our country maybe widespread but Aussies retain wit, charm and cheek that sets us apart from any other race on Earth. Long may it be so.
  • Social media might be the communication system of the “Now” generation but much of that communication is misinterpreted.
  • No matter how much you know on any given subject, someone listening will know more than you do.
  • Radio remains the best source of public interaction.

My conclusion after two weeks on air – Adelaide’s heart is beating the pulse is very strong.

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