Samsung’s New Age TV – Not Quite What They’d Hoped For

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas with all the latest in whizz-bang technology.

All the big companies are there showing off their bigger, brighter, better TV’s. It’s not good enough to have HDTV anymore, that’s made way for Ultra HD. But ultra might just as well refer to the price which kicks in at  $10,000+.

I talked with  News Limited techno reporter Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson in Las Vegas on 5AA this morning about the latest techno-gadgetry.

An item that caught my attention was Samsung’s new television that lets two people watch two different shows at the same time.

The F9500 TV is the first in the world to offer this feature, dubbed “multi-view,” using screen technology called “organic light-emitting diode” or OLED.

Viewers  wear special 3D glasses, which come with personal speakers built in to deliver the audio, in stereo, directly to them.

Now this TV is billed as the perfect answer to those who fight over who controls the TV.

Yeah right!

Consider this scenario –  he’s watching the big AFL Friday night game and she’s watching a tense sci-fi thriller.  After the typical, slow, nerve-wracking build up  the unwitting heroine is about to be attacked by an alien.  At the exact same moment  Tex Walker takes a screamer and kicks the winning goal for Adelaide on the siren.   Screams of horror on one side and a leap of joy and “Mighty Crows” on the other.

Talk about mixed emotions on the sofa.

Back to the drawing board Samsung.

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