When Should The Christmas Decorations Go Up?

When is the right time to put up the Christmas tree and all that goes with it?

It seems to be happening earlier every year but I have an aversion to putting up the deco’s before December.

In Adelaide the Christmas Pageant is seen as the start of the festive season  but it seems only weeks ago that I finally got all the deco’s put away from last season. Now it’s time to climb into the garage attic and get them down again. Hell, they haven’t even had time to get covered in dust!

I must admit I don’t go to elaborate lengths to design an outdoor Christmas visual wonderland but I do enjoy getting into the festive spirit with a few coloured, twinkling lights.

I can but look in awe at the Christmas light show spectacles in thousands of front yards around the suburbs. The time, effort and money put into the displays is a credit to all involved.  And then there’s the power bill!

We’ve come a long way from the cursory string of party lights to today’s full-blown techno light shows set to music. Out with the incandescent globes and in with the Led’s.

So it’s time to spring into action and get those deco’s up and flashing.

In the back of my mind is the knowledge that only weeks later they’ll have to come down again.

Can Easter be far away?


6 thoughts on “When Should The Christmas Decorations Go Up?

  1. Sharka

    Easter stuff will be on the shelves on the 27th December.
    Back where I came from in Europe, dad would put the Christmas tree up just before Christmas day (ours was 24th in the evening). Up to that day, it would lean against the back wall of the house to ensure the needles didn’t drop off. I remember staring out the window at the snow falling down and looking if there are any kids out there ready to play, the smell of fir tree in the air while mum would decorate the tree for the evening. The decorations were mainly chocolate, and sugar confections, few fragile glass decorations, and christmas candles clipped to the branches, with the sparklers as well. The candles would somehow be lit without us kids noticing dad or mum sneaking off to light them. After dinner, the front door bell would ring to say that baby Jesus has left some of his excess presents under the tree for us. So thats when our Christmas decorations went up, on our Christmas day and it took years to get into the aussie style of decorating the tree days before Christmas.

    1. wellmaxx Post author

      Thanks for your comment Sharka. I love to hear of family traditions and Christmas traditions in other countries. Each one is different but very special to those involved. I have only ever experienced an Aussie Christmas but a traditional white christmas would be something very special.

  2. Melissa Jamieson

    We put up our decorations when the pageant comes to town. It’s a tradition I had as a child and I’ve carried that through to my adult life and my daughter. We put on a light display but thanks to solar power on the roof and the selection of solar powered lights you can now get it doesn’t cost us much!

  3. Dean

    We always put up the Christmas tree and decorations on pageant day, as my parents did years ago. As with Melissa, it’s a family tradition that has been endeared by a lot of SA families for many years. Pageant day is the time when children become excited about Christmas and the parents become stressed when they realize that there is only 4 weeks to Christmas. Yes, it’s an enjoyable time for everyone!!

    1. wellmaxx Post author

      Yes Dean Christmas is a special time but I think a lot of us put too high expectations on the day, wanting everything to be perfect and are disappointed when it isn’t. We should all enjoy the moment and be grateful for what we have to share.


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