SAHMRI’s 200 Million Dollar Statement

It’s been billed as South Australia’s most ambitious building project in decades and after having a conducted tour of the fast rising SAHMRI* building I can’t help but agree.

The iconic structure on North Terrace is not designed to blend into the Adelaide skyline – believe me it will never do that.

It’s guaranteed to polarize – those who think it’s way too “out there” on   Adelaide’s ultra conservative skyline – and those who say it’s about time  we had a landmark structure in our city.

SAHMRI Building under construction

The Institute will conduct research across six key disciplines in collaboration with SA’s three universities and the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

SAHMRI project director Michelle Gheorghiu says, “already, the diamond shape rising above North Tce has initiated the transformation of the area into a healthcare precinct.”

 “The envelope of the building with its organic diamond shape and its elevation on flower columns is unique for the Adelaide landscape.”

 “We want to bring researchers back to Adelaide, give them a space that inspires creativity and interaction.” Ms Gheorghiu says.

That’s exactly what the new building is designed to do. SAHMRI already is involved in major research, but it’s be done at various locations around the city.

To bring all the research under the one, innovative centre will draw national and international focus showing  just how significant the work ofSAHMRI is.

Already interstate and overseas researchers have been drawn to the new complex and when fully operational will be home to 600 of the world’s leading medical researchers in August/September 2013.

Despite the sceptics I believe on completion Adelaide will grow to love the SAHMRI centre and the wonderful work which will benefit all of us.

*SAHMRI  South Australia Health & Medical Research Institute.

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