Warning! If You Want Me To Call Back “Slow Up”

Voice mail is a wonderful thing. It ensures we don’t miss a call. It allows you to screen calls if you haven’t got the time or desire to talk to someone

However, my pet peeve with voicemail callers is this – “If you have taken the time to call someone and leave a message expecting them to call back have a good look at how you leave your number.”

So often a caller will leave a long and rambling message on why they rang then almost as an after-thought will rattle off their phone number at break neck speed.

It’s probably because they know the number so well it rolls off their tongue like melting treacle.  Good for them, but not for the poor soul on the other end who catches the first 3 or 4 digits then has to press “repeat” then go through the whole damn interminably long message again hoping to latch onto the remainder of the number.

If I have to “repeat” a second time I usually give up.  If it’s that important they’ll ring again.

It might be a small thing but I find it hard to imagine that every single one of us hasn’t cursed at having to replay a voicemail time and time again to get the number.

Final word –  keep voicemail short and succinct and repeat “slowly” your phone number.

Simple really.

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