At Least They Can’t Sell Our Sunshine. An Aussie’s Lament.


I wrote an article some time ago called “What happened to…. detailing the number of household names that had disappeared over the years  –  Golden Fleece, Craven A, Ampol, TAA and many more.

I read Dick Smith’s Aussie Grown Foods magazine only to be saddened to see a whole new list of homegrown companies that are Aussie no longer.  Many of the products are still available but the profits and jobs are now going off shore.

Check this list of companies now in foreign hands  –

Aeroplane Jelly  Arnott’s biscuits  Berri   Bushell’s tea  Cottee’s Foods   Dairy Farmers  Edgell

Fosters  Golden Circle  Masterfood  Safcol  Smith’s Crisps

Sunbeam  Tip Top Bread


Dick Smith says more than 80% of supermarket products are either imported or coming from foreign-owned companies.

The call to ‘Buy Australian” has never been more important.  Your children’s jobs and your country’s future are in your hands.

Note: these are only food companies Over 400 brands, companies and resources have become partly or fully foreign-owned since the early eighties.

Talk about selling off the farm.


2 thoughts on “At Least They Can’t Sell Our Sunshine. An Aussie’s Lament.

  1. wellmaxx Post author

    And so the list goes on. One of my fondest memories staying with relatives in the Riverland as a kid was going down to the general store in Paringa and getting Amscol icecream. A real treat treat for a youngster from Melbourne.


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