The Butternut Snap Miracle

Trying to wean myself off chocolate I reverted to a former love – Butternut Snap biscuits.  In the back of the pantry an almost empty packet of BS’s.

How disappointing to find they’d gone all soft.  As a last resort (couldn’t find any chocolate) I put them in the microwave thinking that might crisp them up. WRONG!!.

The Butternuts became even soggier and softer.  I left them on the bench in disgust (too late to go and buy some more).

I made a cup of tea and as it was brewing I though I might as well throw the bikkies in the bin, but wait a minute, the Butternuts had cooled and become rock hard.  The only true test was to try one and Eureka! Butternut snaps as good as fresh out of the packet!

Most BS lovers might already know this little trick, if not give it a go.Image

And another thing – they’ll always be Butternut Snap biscuits to me – not cookies as it says on the pack.  Hold back the Yank invasion.




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