Rolling Stones 50 Years and Counting Anniversary Tour

The Rolling Stone have been around for 50 years.  Where did that time go?

I was a huge fan of The ‘clean cut” Beatles (or so we thought t the time).  The Rolling Stones to me were from “the dark side,’ but they did win me over.

While parents learned to tolerate the Beatles with their Yeah Yeah and long hair,  The Stones were perceived as the reincarnation of evil. Well if ever they needed a recipe for success that was it.

To quote Warrrick McFadyen in The Age The Stones, by design and circumstance, were menace and mayhem to the mainstream world but, to the fans, they were outside society, not subject to its rules.

I missed The Beatles when they came to Melbourne but caught up with the Stones in 1966.  My suspect memory thought it was their 1965 tour at The Palais with Roy Orbison but delving into the records I see I’m mixing my concert memories.

It was in fact 66 at the Palais and The Stones performed with The Searchers another big UK group at the time.

A strange combo of acts, as Searcher Frank Allen  later said as “a combination as weird as teaming Vlad The Impaler with Mother Theresa.”

A fair observation I thought –  the cleanskin Searchers performed first and were well received but when the Stones came on there was pandemonium.

They were, louder, brasher, in-your-face and positively scary.

Charlie Watts on drums was the most menacing sight I’d ever seen.  But the music was sensational.

The next time I saw the Stones was at Football Park in Adelaide in 1998. I thought it would be a nostalgia concert looking back on a once great group.

Let’s face it Mick Jagger was now 55. Nobody owned the stage like Mick (Freddy Mercury might be the exception) when he strutted his stuff the crowd went wild. Surely  this would be a more refelective, subdued, introspective Mick?

But while there was an element of nostalgia the Stones, led by Jagger were just as in –your- face and anti establishment as ever belting out the great hits and new stuff as well.

I’ll never forget as light rain started to fall on Footy Park Mick shouted out “You’re not made of sugar – you won’t melt.” After that we were all carried away by the moment. I have no recollection of getting wet only memories of one of the great concerts.

Here we are at the 50th year of the Rolling Stones  and there’s talk of the anniversary tour coming to Australia and now it’s been confirmed.

Mick will be 70 in July (2013) so can he still strut his stuff?  I reckon it will be well worth the price of admission to find out.


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