When Yo Yo’s Were King

Who’s old enough to remember the yo yo craze?

There were yo yo’s and there were yo yo’s but the real deal was the Genuine Russell yo yo.Genuine Russell Coca Cola yo yo

Professional yo yo spinners sponsored by Coca Cola would bring their Russell yo yo’s and do a tour of shops and schools and run competitions.

Loop the loop, around the world, Rocking the baby, over the falls these guys could do them all – sometimes with a yo yo in each hand.  Wow these were the superstars of my generation.

I remember as a 10 year old thinking how cool it would be to be a professional Yo Yo player. There you’d be touring around, adored by thousands and all you had to do was twirl a yo yo.

So I practised and I practised.

I finally learned to master all the tricks . Problem was by the time I did, the yo yo caravan had moved on, the pro tour had gone to another school.

I remember breaking my first string.  I’d never heard of it happening to anyone before and I had no idea how to attach a new one.

My dad fixed it.  Permanently.  He put the yo yo in a vice and twisted until the two halves came apart.  He then tied some (non authentic) string around the spindle and glued the two halves back together.

Of course without the loop at the bottom the yo yo wouldn’t stay down.  Not only that the glue had unbalance the yo yo and it was about as responsive as a brick on a rope.

While saving up for a new yo yo I found out that shops sold new string and you simply looped it over the yo yo and off you went walking the dog.

A bit late. A promising celebrity career nipped in the bud.


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