Walking Through A Living Graveyard

Ever been to a work or school reunion?  It can prove to be a daunting experience.

I’ve been to three, all work related at 5DN, 3AW and TNT 9 Launceston.

  Walking into a room filled with people you haven’t seen for up to 30 years brings the    memories flooding back, good and bad in almost equal measure.

Someone once said.  “It’s like walking through a living graveyard.”

The first thing, “thank God for name tags.” The second thing you notice is how the years have treated people unequally.  Some have aged well, others are showing the ravages of time.

The most recent reunion was for the 50th year of TNT 9 Launceston. It’s where I met my wife- to- be Eve.

A visit to the channel studios the night after reunion revealed while so much had changed physically, the place felt much the same. Paint and furniture couldn’t hide the memories.

After 30 years those who had been close friends resumed the relationship as if the time in between didn’t exist.  Uneasy work acquaintance remained just that.

The older former employees spoke glowingly of the “good old days” while the younger current employees appeared to be thinking “silly old farts.”

If you’ve never done a reunion but get the chance make the effort.

The memories that such occasions provoke are priceless and if they aren’t the reunion will remind you why you left in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Walking Through A Living Graveyard

  1. Judith Anne Dix

    I enjoyed reading your blog about reunions especially that l use to work at Radio 3AW when they were situated in LaTrobe Street, Melbourne from 1976 – early 1980’s. My boss was David McGee and l am still in contact with him as well as others: David Mann, Gregory Storey, Paul Nicholson, Keith McGowan, Mark Ridoutt, Simon Owens, Don Crawford, etc. Thank you for this.

    1. wellmaxx Post author

      Hi Judith,

      I worked at 3AW on two occasions. Firstly in the late 60’s as office boy and then panel operator. I left for two years to work at 7LA then returned as an announcer in the early 70’s but left for 5DN Adelaide in 72, so our paths didn’t cross
      Please pass on my best wishes to David McGee. I remember him as a warm and friendly man, although he probably won’t remember me..Graeme G


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