Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

Put Your Foot in Your Mouth –   definition:  When you say something which makes someone feel embarrassed or causes an embarrassing situation.

There something even more embarrassing – When through no fault of your own you create” a foot in Mouth situation.” Have you ever had someone else put your foot in your mouth?

It was a number of years ago at an after school function. Having just finished reading 7 News I headed for the school arriving about 20 minutes after proceedings had begun.

As I walked to the assembly hall I could hear a familiar voice. As I got closer I identified it as South Australian Premier Mike Rann, but to my surprise when I entered the building it wasn’t the Premier but the school’s new Pastor who had just arrived from Sydney.

After the formalities I went up and introduced myself and told him how I’d mistaken his voice for that of the Premier. He seemed suitably impressed.

However, that wasn’t to last, minutes later another parent broke into our the conversation apologising for just arriving. “I’ve just come from a function in town, bloody Mike Rann was giving an address, he’s got to be the most boring speaker in the world, he just drones on and on in that weird voice of his.”

The pastor went red and stared at me and I went red and said goodnight.

You just can’t recover from a situation like that.



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