Foxtel Moves The Goal Posts

The arrival of pay TV in Australia was a real cultural shock to most Aussies brought up on a staple diet of three commercial television networks and the ABC.  Of course then came SBS to broadened our choices.

The birth of subscription television with Galaxy 1993 gave us two things – a lot more choice in what we watched – be it mainly re-runs of past favourites – and commercial free viewing.

Galaxy later folded in to Foxtel but the service continued

The monthly subscriptions fees  weren’t cheap when compared to many overseas services, but there were many channels to choose from and lots of sport and movies.

And NO commercials.

What happened?  Tune in now to Foxtel and they run ad breaks every bit as long as the commercial channels.

They have now tapped into a revenue stream that was illegal in their first years of operation

But has there been a commensurate reduction in your subscription fees? I think not.

The only way the fees have gone in recent years is up.

With the proliferation of new free to air channels I can see why Foxtel subscription numbers are faltering.  Why pay to watch Ads?

I’ve even heard if you call Foxtel and say you’re considering cancelling your subscription they’ll “sweeten” your deal.

If you’re having second thoughts about keeping up Pay TV – give them a call and let me know what happened.

Happy viewing.


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