Radio – The Heartbeat Of The City

I’ve just completed a two week stint filling in for Leon Byner on 5AA’s morning show.

If you ever want to feel the pulse of a city sitting behind a microphone and listening to what people have to say is a wonderful way of doing it.

Subjects ranged far and wide from Riverland irrigators unable to take water from the Murray because they used their quotas – despite record flows running past their properties, to fears over the proposed $2 billion Buckland Park development on the Gawler Flood Plain.

Of course everything paled into insignificance when the floods took hold in Queensland. The pictures each day were overwhelming and emotionally draining, but in an instant South Australians rallied to the cause and came up with unique ways to help the flood victims -many that didn’t involve cash donations.

It’s tragedies like the one that has befallen Queensland that draw us together as one nation and not a collection of self interested and self absorbed States as appears to be more often than not the case.

It beggars belief that as the Nation throws its full support behind Queensland flood victims there’s still bickering between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia over a water agreement drawn up at the height of the drought.

The eastern states claim SA irrigators have used their allocation and can’t take any of the desperately needed water out of the swollen Murray.

All the irrigators are  asking for is less than two days supply from the Murray which is running at 20 year highs and will go much higher.

The SA government stands condemned for not supporting the irrigators. They should be  saying just take the water we’ll deal with the interstate governments.

The sooner the feds take control of the River the better off we’ll all be.

So the curtain has come down on my return to radio. My brain is buzzing with great story ideas. I guess they’ll just have to wait for another time.


One thought on “Radio – The Heartbeat Of The City

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