Australian Cricket Academy V Which Bank’s Centre Of Excellence

What happens when  you have a team of second change bowlers up against a team of highly committed and talented batsmen?

For the result see the Adelaide Oval Second Ashes test  2010(England won by an innings and 71 runs).

Just 4 years earlier Australia not only crushed England in Adelaide but won the series 5-0.

Has Aussie cricket slipped that far in so short a time?

Take McGrath, Warne and Gilchrist out of any side any they’re going to be weaker but we’ve slipped so far back it’s astounding and the frightening thing is we may have not yet hit rock bottom.There’s no-one, batter or bowler, knocking down the door demanding selection.

A big reason for Australia’s great run of success, beside natural talent, was the Australian Cricket Academy set up in Adelaide in 1987 that kept turning out “test ready’ cricketers.

In 2004 it was relocated to the  Allan Border Field  in Brisbane and renamed the Commonwealth Bank Centre for Excellence.

Is there a connection between Australia’s slide towards cricket oblivion and the move to Brisbane?

The question has to be asked.

One thought on “Australian Cricket Academy V Which Bank’s Centre Of Excellence

  1. wellmaxx Post author

    5AA sporting guru Tom Rehn has another theory as to why Australia and England have reversed roles.

    Former Australian wicketkeeper Rod Marsh was running the Cricket Academy in Adelaide but left to take up a similar role in England eight years ago.

    The benefits to England are now paying off. They’re now playing Aussie style tough, un compromising cricket.

    Come home Marshy!!


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