There’s Still A Place For Newspapers – It’s Just Becoming Harder To Find

The day the Internet got into full swing was the day the countdown for the end of the newspaper began.

Printed media is still with us – finding new ways to stay relevant, but it seems only a matter of time before we just switch on the iPad or laptop to review the days’ news over breakfast.

I must admit I do a combination of both each morning.  First it’s the trip outside to find the paper in amongst the shrubbery. Then the often-frustrating task of stripping the cling wrap from the paper.

After consuming all the paper has to offer – then I fire up the Mac to catch the “latest” news.

Last thing at night I check the news websites and what I see is often mirrored  on the front page of the paper 8 hours later.

While I sense I’m drifting more and more toward the electronic news, (let’s not forget radio which has always been immediate) two events this week have made me realise I’m still tethered to the “old style’ delivery.

On Thursday, and again today I have gone out to perform the morning ritual of “hunt the paper” only to find it’s not there.  I even ventured next door to see if the paper man’s trusty throw was a little off.


It’s a very empty feeling to have to go back inside paperless.

Younger generations don’t have the same bond, but for me the anticipation as I unravel the paper first thing in the morning to see what headlines await is one of life’s little pleasures.

The forests remain under threat as long as people like me are still around.


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