Radio Daze 22 – The Not So “Golden Days of Radio”

A little knowledge can be dangerous

In my days at 7LA Launceston I started a show called 7LA At Your Service.

We had experts in the studio in all sorts of  fields, a vet, a home handyman, an antique experts, a gardener, etc (let it be know that our gardener went by the name of Peter Cundall .*

Gardening Guru Peter Cundall

This was the late 60’s and Peter’s first taste of working in the media).

Over time I picked up all sorts of advice that I filed away for future reference.

Years later I would surprise and startle by bursting forth with “If you have chewing gum stuck to carpet freeze it with ice cubes and when it becomes hardened it will break off in little pieces.”or “To prevent tears put onions in the freezer before chopping them” .”Then to remove the strong odor of onions from your hands,rub them with a stainless steel spoon under running water.” (weird but true).

I became the life of the party.

Years later a tip came to me when I was confronted with  stain on my favourite pair of black shorts.

I needn’t have worried, I left a ballpoint pen in a pocket and it leaked leaving a stain the size of a 50 cent piece. It wasn’t visible from the outside but it annoyed the hell out of me so I was determined to remove it.

I opened a bottle of bleach and poured some into a bowl, then I turned the shorts inside out and dipped the stained pocket into the liquid.

I thought I’d leave it over night to make sure all signs of the stain were removed.

To my horror next morning my black shorts were no longer black.  Then I remembered how osmosis worked. The bleach soaked liquid has worked its way up the pocket and all over my shorts.

It was a perfect bleach job. No trace of black remained.They were now closer to the colour of a natural jute bag.  All except the stitching which, for what ever reason held its black colour.

I continued to wear the shorts out of defiance,  knowing no-one else on the planet would have a pair quite the same.

* U.K. born Peter Cundall is a legendary gardening media personality on both TV and radio with a broadcast career spanning more than 40 years.


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