Six Years Cancer Free

Another year free of cancer. It’s a good feeling.

Six years on and life has changed in so many ways. By far and away the majority the changes have been for the better.

Although at times during treatment and recovery I wondered if I would ever get back to a ‘normal’ life.
It’s a helluva life lesson but not only did the cancer force me to re-focus my life it made me appreciate each an every day I have to share with my family and friends.
I often think of those who were diagnosed with cancer around the same time as me who are no longer with us. The cruel fate that decides who lives and who dies, and when.
However, I can’t change that. I can but be thankful that I’m still here to watch my family grow from teenagers to young adults spreading their wings.

To share life with my wife Eve. We have always been very much in love, but now even more so.
When my working career had to be dramatically curtailed from 5 days a week to 2 I wondered what would fill the void.
I needn’t have worried.

Most of my time has been taken up firstly planning, then producing and distributing my DVD Cancer – What Now? **

I’m thrilled the video has been so well received. Now the job is to let those affected by cancer know the DVD exists.
I know I have a role in spreading the word about cancer prevention, and for those already with cancer how to go about getting the right treatment and managing recovery.
Talking to cancer support groups is a very rewarding experience. People come up to me and say how much they were able to take out of my talk but I tell them I benefit just as much as they do. Sharing stories of how we deal with aspects of recovery is empowering. You’re not alone, others have trodden a similar path before, and many will follow.
I always feel re- invigorated after giving a talk.
Throughout my cancer journey I have been continuously inspired by fellow cancer survivors. Many have been ravaged by cancer far worse than mine but their spirit remains indomitable. I draw strength from their courage when facing overwhelming odds.
Thank you one and all for helping me realise the importance of looking forward, not back and living life’s every moment.
The value of a positive mindset might not be evidenced-based but I have no doubt the right mental attitude takes you a long way towards recovery
It’s true what they say, life will never be the same after getting cancer. But in many instances, and certainly mine, life is actually better.

**Cancer-What Now? can be downloaded on the Cancer CouncilSA website or can be purchased online at or at National Pharmacies.

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