US Observations – an Aussie traveller.

  1. Why in a country that loves everything big are tiny dogs all the rage.
  2. Californian wines have come along way since my first visit in the 80’s but they’re still a decade behind Australian wines in quality.
  3. Peak period starts in L.A. at 2-30 pm– where is everyone going?
  4. Anyone considering a career in the hospitality industry should go to America to see how it’s done.
  5. Add 20% to your budget if travelling in the US – you’ll need it for tips.
  6. Insidious internet – while in New York I was checking the Adelaide Now site to see what was happening at home.  The banner ad was an Avis advertisement “Welcome to America – Need a car?
  7. If you think Oz TV is pretty bad check out the American version. Game shows and Entertainment Shows run in prime time.
  8. It’s safer at night on the streets of New York than Hindley Street, Adelaide.
  9. Why do so many high quality US restaurants serve meals barely luke warm?
  10. There’s a feeling that everyone is just a heartbeat away from making it big.
  11. Only 30 percent of  New Yorkers were born there.
  12. Everyone talking on their “cell” phone sounds like they’re negotiating a multi million dollar deal.
  13. If it’s not a Yellow Cab in New York it must be a Lincoln Town car.
  14. Things are pretty cheap in the US with the Oz dollar near parity with the Green back.
  15. Halloween – some of the sights in Las Vegas beggar description.
  16. You could not survive driving without a GPS – but even our GPS lady sounded frustrated at times.
  17. The United States is the home of diversity.
  18. There’s always a feeding frenzy at the Apple Stores.
  19. Ask for lemonade and that’s what you get, not our lolly water version.
  20. Americans still have a love affair with the movies and Hollywood.
  21. New York cheesecake – to die for.
  22. One of the great drives, Highway One along the Pacific coast from Santa Barbara through to Monterey – spectacular scenery where mountains meet the sea.
  23. One of the worst drives – Las Vegas to San Diego – nothing to see here folks, unless you like moonscapes.
  24. Las Vegas – there are so many reasons to stay away – but like a moth drawn to a flame we keep going back.
  25. Each time I travel to the States the differences between Oz and the US  are less noticeable.  We must be vigilant to maintain the differences that make Australia so special.

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