MacBook Pro plus Contact Cleaner equals disaster – Steve Jobs are you listening?

I love my Macbook Pro 15.  I have always loved Macs way back since my first an LC2  with a staggering 4MB  of RAM and a massive 80GB hard disk. In all I have had about 12 Macs both desktop and laptop since 1990.

I laugh at friends with PCs that cause no end of problems with clunky  operating systems. Only twice in twenty years  have I had to take a Mac in for repairs.

After the most recent encounter I’m very glad it’s a rarity because while Macs are  far and away the best computers their after sales service and spare parts are far from impressive.

My first Mac an LC11

The reason for my trip to the Mac doctor was entirely my fault.  I spilled a few drops of tea on my keyboard.   Only the shift key was affected becoming sticky and slow to respond.

Youtube showed me the way to remove the key, clean, and replace it. But in doing so I must have broken off one of the tiny clips that holds the key in place.  So after I put it back on it was loose fitting and still a bit sticky.

Then I made a fatal mistake.

I found a spray “Contact Cleaner” a fast drying cleaning solvent  and sprayed it in and around the shift key. Seconds later to my horror not only the shift key became totally dislodged but so to did the “z” key and the “control” key. The cleaner had dissolved the small plastic clips. It was then I read the fine print – “may not be suitable for some plastics.”

I went to a local Apple outlet expecting to be able to buy the 3 replacment keys needed, only to be told they don’t come individually from Apple, you have to buy the entire keyboard  – About $250 thank you very much.  I said thanks but no thanks, picked up my MacBook Pro and loose keys and went home.

Thankfully, 5 minutes on the net and I found PowerBook Medic where  I was able to buy the individual keys for $8.95 each. I’m sure there are other sites that do the same but that was the first one I came across.

I don’t blame the local Apple outlet , they’re just operating  under instruction from Apple HQ at Cupertino but if that isn’t a rip-off I don’t know one.

We Mac fans are in love with our computers but it can be tough love when Apple don’t appreciate their legion of devotees.

Are you listening Steve?

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