Mark Holden’s Crows “Touch Down”

Interviewing Mark Holden on 5AA* reminded me of what a good bloke he is.

Mark is an ambassador for Blue September after his recent brush with cancer.

The fact that he so readily has given his time and his support to talk about a very personal issue tells us more about the man.

It reminded me of the only other time I have had contact with him.

Mark Holden - singer, song writer, actor now barrister

My wife Eve Goodings is the patron of the Birds Of A Feather women’s coterie group  at the Adelaide Football Club.

Each year they hold a number of functions for members including a “meet the new players” pre season get together and a trip away to an interstate game.

The major event each year is the mid season  dinner. For this  annual dinner Eve approached Mark to perform and host a mini Australian Idol.

As a Crows fan and former Adelaide boy Mark happily agreed to take time out of his hectic schedule to fly “home” for The Birds big night.

Arriving shortly before the dinner Mark asked for the guitar which had been organised before hand so he could do a rehearsal.  Instant red faces when it was discovered there was no guitar for him. Somebody has stuffed up big time.

Mark would have been within his rights to get more than a little “upset” but nothing like it.  He was on the phone in a flash to his brother who he said had a guitar and he wouldn’t mind if he used it.

No time for rehearsal but for Mark the consummate professional it was “on with the show.” Not surprising since show business runs through 150 years of  the Holden family including Adolphus the one legged trapeze artist, part of the Holden brothers travelling circus.

But back to the present day, and  Mark’s entrance on the National Wine Centre balcony throwing his trademark carnations down on the audience brought back memories of his teen idol days

He’d resolved what could have been a very awkward situation with charm and good grace and then proceeded to wow the female audience in song and devilish humour.

Mark  got a few people off side with his “Touch Down” antics on Aussie Idol but of course it was all showbiz.

Since his Australian Idol days Mark has entered the bar to become a practising barrister in Melbourne.

Anyone who has dealt with Mark first hand knows he’s the genuine article.

Most importantly he’s a Crows supporter.

* As  a postscript: while I was interviewing Mark on 5AA he was also doing an interview for The Age newspaper and we cracked a mention.


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