Apple v PC = No contest

I took my daughters laptop PC in for repairs the other day. Of course it waited for the warranty to run out before starting to play up.

Two days later they contacted me and said the LCD screen was faulty and there was probably a problem with the logic board.  About $300 to replace the screen another $200+ to fix the other fault.

With the cost of a cheap new computer about $600 it seemed silly to pour all that money into a computer that was showing real signs of flakiness after only 16 months.

But we needed to get all the information off the hard drive – that was going to cost $135. I said thanks but no thanks.

I took the computer to one of the PC wizz’s at Channel 7.  He fired it up and there before my eyes the screen was working perfectly and the computer itself ran without missing a beat.

Now I am aware of intermittent problems being hard to detect but after two days the computer repairers should have been able to isolate the issues.

I reckon these guys just cut their losses.   They charged me $55 upfront to have a look at the computer but probably surmised I wouldn’t go on with the repairs beyond a certain point so they figure they’re wasting their time.

So much for service and I certainly won’t be buying that brand of computer again ( If you really want to know just contact me).

Suffice it to say the computer is running fine with an external monitor.  Although we have backed up all the information on an external hard drive.

I’m a Mac man myself and never had any real trouble with them over 20 years.  It was just that my daughter had to have a PC for her school work.

Apple rules.



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