How Do I Get The Message Out There?

It’s been so rewarding to produce the DVD Cancer – What Now? and then see how it’s helping so many people (see testimonials).

You feel like your like is out of your control when given the cancer diagnosis but the DVD gives you the information to take back control and plot a course to getting well.

Cancer - What Now? DVD

But there have been frustrations along the way getting Cancer – What Now? out there.  It is streaming on the Cancer CouncilSA website, and is available online from the CancerwhatNow website.

National Pharmacies have seen the DVD’s value and have it in their Pharmacies.

Those outlets are all well and good but there are so many other people who don’t even know it exists.

My original plan was that doctors would give a copy of the DVD to patients at the time of diagnosis but my efforts in making that happen haven’t borne fruit as yet.

I’m giving Social Media a try as a form of promotion and I can see its’ benefits but there’s a whole group of people not using Social Media –  the 50 and 60 pluses and they’re the ones most affected by cancer.

One way of getting  Cancer – What Now? out there is to give talks to cancer support groups and any other special interest groups that are prepared to listen.

While that is very effective it only get to relatively small groups of people.

I produced the DVD in association with Cancer CouncilSA way below market value for a production of it size and complexity  because I believe so much in it. However, that meant I had no budget for promoting the DVD. So I had to draw on the experience of others to help me come up with inventive ways to promote Cancer – What Now?.

One of the issues is even if I had a budget for a blanket advertising campaign it would be ineffective.  The reason being the only people who would take notice would be those with cancer at the time or their families.  If you didn’t have cancer it would have no impact.  Move forward six months and a previously healthy person is diagnosed with cancer. They will not recall the advertising from six months earlier as the “campaign’ will have run its course.

So some way I need to keep the profile of Cancer – What Now? “out there.” I am more than happy to donate copies to libraries and and health centres and have done so since the DVD’s release. If any worthy organisation would like a copy please get in touch with me at

If you have any ideas about promoting Cancer – What Now? so that more people can benefit by it please let me know.

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