I’ve heard of digitally enhanced but this is ridiculous

There are approximately 6,865,745,122 people living on our planet  and the number is increasing by 150 every minute.

Telstra is a large Australian telecommunications company.  That is, big by Australian standards but pretty small on the world stage.  Now even if every single person in Australia, man woman and child had a Telstra account there’d be 23 million customers.  Let’s double that number for the sake of the story.

That woud give Telstra 46 million customers, each of whom would have a customer reference number. You’ve seen those numbers on your utilities accounts, customer ref. no. XX XXX XXX XXX.  Pretty big numbers obviously.

But now I get to my point. I get an account from Telstra and the customer ref. no. is 45127297228737143.* Now unless my arithmetic is even worse than my third grade teacher told me it was or someone has gone digit crazy.

That’s a 17 digit number.

One billion has 10 digits, a trillion 12, a quadrillion 16 and a quintillion has 19.

So, unless Telstra has some massive expansion plan to connect the Universe I’m thinking someone in the front office has gone slightly over the top with the reference numbering system.

Go figure.

*45127297228737143 not my real ref. number. The real number is kept a secret to protect the accuser.


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