Cancer – What Now? Testimonials

I’ve been getting some wonderful feedback for my DVD Cancer –What Now? *As cancer patients view the DVD and  pass on their positive comments the  more I realise it was worth all the time and effort.

When your diagnosed with cancer your live changes forever, but with the right medical support and a positive attitude the cancer can be beaten.

There is no one answer to cancer, there are a whole range of factors and complementary medicine can play a vital role.  But if you go down that path you must keep your doctor fully informed.

Cancer –What Now? provides answers to the many questions you have when diagnosed with cancer.

Here are some of the testimonials I have received since the release of the DVD.

The Cancer What Now? DVD is a fantastic tool to assist someone facing cancer in many ways.

Not only does the DVD provide you with worthwhile information, but it actually shows you what some of the rooms or machines look like I wished I had seen this DVD before I commenced my journey as it may have taken away some of my anxiety when entering a new room for a new purpose.”

Simone Coonan  Adelaide SA


It’s a frightening experience to be told you have cancer.  You feel like you’re the only one.  Cancer –  What Now? showed me I wasn’t alone, lots of people have gone through it before.  It was very reassuring to hear their experiences.

The questions to ask your doctor were also a great help.

Thanks so much.

Karl  L  Willoughby NSW

Dear Graeme,

Well done and I hope Cancer –  What Now? helps a lot of people. Something like this was much needed.

Dr Craig Hassed Deputy Head, Department of General Practice Monash University



This marvellous DVD provides an optimistic, can-do approach to a condition which so often invokes feelings if despair and helplessness; it offers hope where so frequently there seems to be no hope!

Dr.Christopher Dibden – Radiation Oncologist

“Thanks for your DVD.  I’m following the chapters as I go on the cancer journey and am really looking forward to reaching the chapter Getting on with your life after cancer.”

K. Martin Ballarat Vic

*Cancer -What Now? made with the support of Cancer CouncilSA and endorsed by Cancer Council Australia

For more information, full testimonials  and to preview Cancer –What Now? go to


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