Guy Blackmore – one of a kind

Celebrating 30 years behind the news desk at SAS 7 has revived many memories.

One of the most successful partnerships was with Guy Blackmore who bought a new energy and style to news presentation and plenty of humour when appropriate, well usually it was appropriate.

Guy Blackmore in his pirate radio days

Guy was a consummate performer but would dig his heels in when he thought Australian television being consumed by America and Americanisms.

As Guy saw it the rock group was Zed Zed Top (ZZ Top), the ultimate dare-devil was Evil Nevil (Kneivel) and the comet we breathlessly waited to see was Hawleys (Halley’s).

With an hour to fill we often were told “you’re going to have to fill for two minutes at the end.” Well we saw that as license to have fun.

Management were often outraged but the ratings went through the roof.  I think that was the only thing that saved us.

I’ve always vowed I would write about our exploits as News presenters – just waiting for the statute of limitations to kick in.

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