Christmas in July. Not such a silly idea.

Celebrating Christmas in July has never been at the top of the tree for things to do in winter so when I was asked to be Master of Ceremonies for Foundation Shine’s Christmas in July fundraiser I was a little apprehensive.

However, by the end of the night I was a convert.  Our table had a lot of fun. That was reflected on every table in the room. Everyone got into the spirit of the night. People were so  generous  giving, and giving again with the money going to help Helen Mayo House.

The National Wine Centre was decked out to Festive season splendour and we all enjoyed the carols and fine food with a Christmas flavour.  Then to top it off Santa arrived.

If your not convinced its a great idea please consider:

The Top Ten Reasons To Celebrate Christmas In July.

10. You can do all your Christmas shopping while everything’s on sale.

9.   You don’t have to feel guilty about not taking the kids to the Christmas Pageant.

8.  You’ve got 5 months to sober up before New Year’s Eve.

7. Another excuse to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation.

6. If you forget to send Christmas cards nobody will care.

5. You can eat yourself silly, under all those clothes who’s going to notice?

4. The Christmas Tree you forgot to put away in December looks perfect today.

3. Dreaming of a white Christmas doesn’t sound so silly when it goes down to three degrees.

2. We  get to find out who’s been naughty or nice 6 months early.

1. This way Santa gets to come twice a year.

I’ll be hanging out for an invitation next year.

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