Ooops! I really put my foot in it

I was asked to present trophies and awards at an Adelaide Fun Run. Pretty straight forward stuff and good PR. Well usually, but not this time.

Taking part in the event were a number of wheel chair competitors including a fine athlete Robbie Turner.

Being a relatively flat course the wheelies were very fast and a few completed the course ahead of the able bodied.

Robbie Turner was first over the line by a long margin and as I presented him with his trophy I unfortunately said, “Well done Robbie you were just to good for the rest of the competition, next year we’ll have to give you a handicap.”

Much booing from the assembled followed by a red faced apology from me for the the honest gaffe.

Lesson learned, think very carefully before you speak.

P.S. Robbie Turner thought it was a hell of a joke.

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