Radio daze 12. – the not so “Golden Days of Radio “

Car 54 where are you?*

First day on the job as office boy at 3AW I was all wide eyes and wonderment.

Literally bumping into radio legend Norman Banks in the corridor was almost to much to handle.

However, it didn’t take too long before some of the gloss rubbed off.

As I was being shown around I saw two snazzy little white Ford Cortinas parked nose to tail in the 3AW courtyard. Big aerials on the roof – 3AW Macquarie News emblazoned along the side.

Close up I noticed one was inscribed car 5 and the other car 7. Part of huge fleet I surmised.

Ford Cortina similar to 3AW news cars

A few days later, same place, only one car…car 7…next week only car 5 was there. Finally I plucked up enough courage to ask one of the journos about the fleet of news cars.

“I ‘spose the other vehicles are garaged somewhere else?””What do you mean?”he growled.”Well, I only ever see cars 5 and 7.  I suppose 1,2,3,4,6,8,9 etc. are based in other parts of the city.”

“Bullshit.” he replied. “those two are the only ones we’ve got. But I tell you what, it keeps the other bastards guessing.”

Lesson one, not everything is as it appears in the wonderful world of wireless.

* A 60’s comedy  TV series about two bumbling NYPD police officers.


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