Steve Jobs and the iToaster

I can’t help but think if Steve Jobs went into the toaster business we’d never have to eat burnt toast again.

If my iPhone can tell me where I am, if there’s a police radar nearby, where I can get a good pizza, tell me the name of the singer and the song on the radio, then why can’t my bloody toaster, toast without burning?

Is it really so hard?  My toaster, probably yours too has six settings. SIX.  Set it any higher than 2 ½ or 3 and it burns to a crisp.

I know all bread isn’t created equal but with microchips and hi-tech sensors surely somehow there’s a way to gauge the thickness and moisture content and even colour(I hope that’s not politically incorrect) of the bread.

Steve Jobs showing how big the iToaster will be

I can just see Steve Jobs next June standing up in front of the Apple faithful demonstrating the iToaster.

And he reckons the iPod, iPad and iPhone have been big sellers!


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