From plastic wrapped newspapers to iPads

Even in this electronic media age one of the highlights of the day for me is reading the morning paper.

It’s a ritual that I follow every morning even though much of what I’m reading was either on the late TV news the night before or 12 hours out of date because of print deadlines.

Nevertheless, even in the depths of winter I head outside just after sun up to negotiate my way over the damp lawn and dog poo to find my treasure wrapped in plastic.

On the odd morning, to my horror there’s no paper to be found.  But I’ve learned that an errant delivery person may have pitched it over the next door fence.

Which sends me on a search in and around the neighbour’s shrubbery,  I must look like a prowler casing my next target.

Paper in hand its back through the “turd minefield” and safely inside I then begin to unravel my prize.

For whatever reason and I know you know what I mean, sometimes there is no end to the plastic.  The paper simply won’t unravel.  I run my finger nail around and around but it is completely sealed.

I heard once if you stick the paper in the microwave it will “pop” open. All it did for me is give me a hot rolled up plastic package, but no joy.  A sharp knife was the only, but far from satisfactory answer.

For a time the plastic came with little arrows pointing in the direction it was to open from.  However, that proved totally useless.

Is it too difficult to have a “tag” at the end of the roll that you can latch onto? Must be because no one’s done it.

I hear ‘flat wrap” deliveries are on the way, although I wonder what challenge that will present to deliverers used to throwing the rolled up variety.

Mind you the way thing are going the problem won’t exist anymore when they start throwing iPads over the fence.


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