When in doubt cliche

Gene Collier of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s criteria for clichés: It has to be “essentially meaningless, exhaustively overused, and I have to really really hate it.”

“Here! Here” Gene. If I turn on the radio again to hear someone say “Nice talking to you and good luck going forward,” I’ll smash the radio into the wall, even though it’s a new digital model. Please no more footballers “taking it one week at a time.”

Every other day there seems to be a new cliché.  How about “working families” (thanks Kevin Rudd).

What other kind of families are there? None in this country I bet.

Let’s stamp out clichés and good luck going forward because at the end of the day when you put your cards on the table the bottom line is that we’re in the same ball park 24/7. With all due respect, it’s not rocket science.

Now I feel better.


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