Radio daze 10. – the not so “Golden Days of Radio “

Country Radio…..How Good?

My first Sunday on 7LA in Launceston involved turning on the transmitter and broadcasting from the early hours until midday.

It also followed my first Saturday night in Launceston and my first hangover courtesy of Boags beer.

Senior announcer John Dripps (his real name) had the unenviable task of showing me the ropes, but I’m sure the station managements idea of breaking the new lad in wasn’t getting him hopelessly pissed and turning up for the shift after only two hours sleep.

Head pounding,  I was never going to forgive Drippsy for his “Tassy welcome.” As he supervised my stumbling intros and outros I mentioned what a powerful hunger I’d worked up.

Big John was instantly on his feet and out the studio door. A call of nature I thought or maybe he was off to catch the early opener (did I mention he liked a drink?)

But I had judged him harshly, 45 minutes later he appeared at the studio door beckoning me to open it.

In he waltzed with a huge tray laden down with silver jugs of milk and juice, a teapot, breakfast cereal, bacon and eggs, toast and condiments of every variety.

Drippsy had gone next door to The Launceston Hotel ( a very upmarket pub) and coerced them into providing brekky for a casual mention on air.

It was one of the great breakfasts of all time and I thought “How good’s this wireless business.”


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