Masterchef butchers the language

Walcome to Malbourne

I really enjoy this series of Masterchef, but “George, your driving me crazy.”  The Victorian accent is finally getting to me, and that coming from a lad who was born and bred in Melbourne.

The Vics never get it but they don’t know their “A’s” from their “E’s” if they are immediately followed by an “L.”

Hence, “now that is an alagant looking dish”, “mess this up and you face alimination,” “too much heat and you’ll end up malting the gelatine. “

The Brownlow Medal Count is another good one. I never knew there were so many players called Al. Andrew Dimetriou reading out the votes.  “Malbourne versus North Malbourne 3 votes  Al Harding, 2 votes Al Hanson, 1 vote Al Dunn.”

It amazes me that someone named Al has never won the Brownlow.

I worked with a wonderful broadcaster at 3AW, Peter James and used to panel his breakfast show in the mid 60’s.  Pete too suffered the EL/AL syndrome.

It became very apparent when he had to record a commercial for Sid Ellis Motors. Peter launched into the read with great gusto “For the best used car in town it has to be Sid Aliss motors.” The sponsor naturally was very keen to get it right. So poor old Pete re-read and re-read the script but every time it was Aliss not Ellis.

Now the lucky thing about this accent is there is a work around.  The script was hastily rewritten. “For the best used car deal in town it has to be Sid Alice Motors.”

And as sure as I’m sitting here writing this story Pete came out with “For the best used car deal in town it has to be Sid Elice Motors.” Problem solved.

If you aren’t aware of the Vic syndrome ask a Melbournite to say “I went to Albert Park to see Herb Alpert play songs from his latest album while eating Pal dog food.”

“I went to Elbert Park to see Herb Elpert play songs from his latest elbum while eating Pel dog food.”

Then, I guess if you are a Vic it will sound perfectly normal to you.

I know I’m skating on thin ice, I had to shake the Vic accent to learn the South Australian accent.  But that’s a story for another day.


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