Dad and Dave – the “rocker and the cabaret star”

David Campbell

David Campbell and Peter Allen have a lot in common, both were minor stars in Australia who had to go to the Mecca of entertainment, New York to be fully appreciated in their home country.

Allen became the darling of the gay set which catapulted him on to far wider acceptance.

Much the same with David Campbell.

Performing in a small cabaret room Campbell received impressive reviews from the New York press with Time Out New York saying he was “creating the biggest buzz since Streisand.”

Roles in Les Miserables, South Pacific and Guys and Dolls led to his starring role as Johnny O’Keefe, “The Wild One” in the musical Shout.

Combining stage and recording he’s produced three platinum albums and his most recent On Broadway is destined to go the same way.

The man is star by any measure of the word so with that background one of his comments as Director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival was most enlightening.

A comment about his  “Dad and Dave” performances with his father, rocker Jimmy Barnes.  “David when on stage with your father you seemed to take a step backward”(letting Jimmy be the star).

Without hesitation David replied, “Of course, he’s a legend.”

Time will see that title bestowed on David Campbell as well.


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