Radio daze 5. – the not so “Golden Days” of Radio

Stan’s your man

Stan Murrowood and I lived at the same boarding house in Launceston Tasmania while working for 7LA. We whiled away many hours over copious cups of tea devising our master plan to setup  a great radio station.

Everyone who’s ever worked in the industry has done the same. All we needed was to win Lotto and we were away.

The owner of the boarding house was a Mrs Phelps, a likeable eccentric. Stan, a couple of years younger than me was likeable and easily led. A perfect combination for my idle mind to play mischief.

The boarding house being old and rundown was always needing running repairs.  And that’s where the fun began.

Mrs. Phelps.” Oh! dear one of the pipes in the laundry is leaking.”

Me. “Don’t worry, it just so happens Stan was a plumber before going into radio.”

Stan being too meek and mild to say anything was lead out of the kitchen into the laundry, where for the next two hours he valiantly tried to patch up the pipes.

“Oh! No! the roof’s leaking.” “Don’t worry Mrs.P. Stan was a tiler before his radio days.” So up on the two storey roof went a terrified Stan, too embarrassed to admit  he was afraid of heights, let alone the fact he didnt know one side of a tile from the other.

“I wonder what sort of paint  I need for the guttering?” “Stan’s your man.” “Why, just before his radio career….”

In two years Stan never refused to lend his expertise, and in those two years Mrs.P. never asked Stan how he’ been able to fit in every trade known to man and still be only 17.

Oh! there was one occassion he refused…the time there was a small electrical fire which shorted out the house.

“No way!” said Stan. “Of course.” I said to Mrs.P. “I forgot Stan received a nasty electric shock when he was doing his electricians apprenticeship.”

Stan, one of nature’s gentlemen, has continued on with a successful radio career never tempted to take on a”trade.”

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