I get distracted

Getting colder need to find a heater for the bathroom, check the garage. On the way out spot a partially filled garbage bag, that should go in the bin. That reminds me the green bin is in wrong place, better put it where it belongs near the vegie patch, gee those vegies need watering but haven’t been fertilised for some time, think there’s some in the garage, have to move mower to get to the fertiliser, that reminds me grass is almost up to knee height better cut it.

It’s an electric mower so will have to find the extension in the cupboard next to the wine cellar.  Mmm! Going out to dinner this evening better get a nice bottle of red to take. Bloody globes blown.

How could I have forgotten there are a number of lights out around the house, better fix them now, wander in to bedroom with replacement globes and Eve says “So where’s the heater?



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