Cancer – What Now? DVD

In November 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer in the lower bowel  (colo-rectal cancer). There can be few more sobering moments in your life than when you are told you have a malignant tumour in your body.

As well as fear and uncertainty I had so many questions, and finding the answers without phoning the doctor every other day was not easy. That’s when  I hit on the idea of making a DVD about dealing with cancer. Six years later it’s about to become a reality.

Cancer – What Now? answers many of the questions cancer patients and their families have, and if it doesn’t answer them tells you where to go to find out.

Chapters include:

  • Learning about cancer,
  • How to tell people important to you that you have cancer,
  • Choosing quality healthcare,
  • Treatment options,
  • Who can help me?
  • Getting on with your life after Cancer etc.

I believe Cancer – What Now? fills a real need and the reaction from cancer patients, and healthcare professionals who’ve viewed it has been very positive.

The DVD is endorsed by  Cancer Council Australia and part proceeds go to Cancer CouncilSA for cancer research.

If you’d like to preview Cancer – What Now? go to

The big launch is on Tuesday 25th May 2010.

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